Terms & Conditions

1. A 50% deposit is required in the instance of foreign trips, tours, race meetings and weddings; any provisional bookings are not binding until the deposit is received by The Sovereign Chauffeur Co and/or written/faxed instructions have been received by/from The Sovereign Chauffeur Co.
 The balance is payable before any period of hire commences.

2. Cancellations: Once the deposit is received and the booking confirmed byThe Sovereign Chauffeur Co, the deposit becomes non-refundable upon cancellation if we are unable to re-book vehicles. Cancellation is valid only when received directly from the hirer.
Within 14 days: 25% of hire. In addition,any vehicle rental commitments will be fully chargeable to the hirer
 Within 24 hrs : A 10% management fee of the total cost of the proposed hire is   chargeable (min £25.00) together with other commitments such as overnight   accommodation or insurance. (Royal Ascot  – 50% of hire)
 On the day of hire: Total cost of hire is chargeable.

3. All bookings made by non-account customers must be guaranteed by a credit card. In the event of an agreed invoicing arrangement and payment is not received within 14 days, the credit card will be debited for the full amount. Payment by account customers is due                   upon receipt of final invoice, our terms being 14 days

4.  The period of hire commences when the vehicle leaves the garage and finishes upon its return to the garage. Wedding hire, unless otherwise agreed, includes 3.5 hrs total hire. Any additional period of hire to that stated on the Confirmation of Booking may be charged at the current hire rate.

5.  The Sovereign Chauffeur Co accepts no responsibility for any delays howsoever

6. The Sovereign Chauffeur Co will undertake to transport a reasonable amount of
 luggage. If however, in the judgement of the chauffeur, the volume of weight is   excessive, the company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of the said luggage.
 The Sovereign Chauffeur Co accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or   damage to clients' property or luggage whilst in the car(s).

8. The Sovereign Chauffeur Co accepts no responsibility for any accidental damage  caused by clients to the interior or exterior of the car(s).

9. Clients are requested not to smoke or consume alcohol in the vehicle(s).

10. In the event of a breakdown, The Sovereign Chauffeur Co reserves the right to
 provide a different vehicle to the one booked. If the vehicle is of a lesser standard,
 an adjustment to the hire cost will be made to compensate for this.

11. Conditions of Hire:
 Chauffeurs to drive clients’ own cars: It is a condition of hiring that the hirer             insures his/her own vehicle against all third party risks whilst being driven by a hired  chauffeur and to indemnify The Sovereign Chauffeur Co against all costs,   claims and damage to the car.
Future hire of a chauffeur and or car: It is a condition of hiring that any future hiring or intended hiring of a chauffeur originally introduced by The Sovereign Chauffeur Co is booked through the agency of The Sovereign Chauffeur Co and not directly or privately  with the chauffeur. Should a subsequent hire be found to have been booked directly with a chauffeur in the manner described above, The Sovereign Chauffeur Co reserves the right to terminate all chauffeur services with the hirer and the chauffeur concerned, and raise full charges for that period of hire to the hirer.